2014-03-02: Sonntagsmatinee, Galerie im Kulturgewächshaus Birkenried bei Günzburg

  • "Lonesome Number One":

2014-01-11: Bluegrass im Klosterhof

  • "Games People Play":
  • "Hey Good Lookin'":
  • "In A Town This Size": {youtube}qQjuOLGEbvE{/youtube}

2013-12-30: Radio free FM, Ulm

  • "In A Town This Size":
  • "Angel Band":
  • "I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry":
  • "Pancho and Lefty":
  • "Never Ending Song Of Love":

2013-12-29: DS Audioservice Studio

  • "Sweetest Waste Of Time":

2013-09-06: Bluegrass & Country Festival Birkenried bei Günzburg

  • "Hey Good Lookin'":
  • "Catch A Falling Star":
  • "Wooden Heart":
  • "From This Valley":
  • "Ring Of Fire":
  • "Some Broken Hearts Never Mend" (partial):
  • "Your Cheatin' Heart" :
  • "Gold Watch and Chain" (partial):
  • "My Walking Shoes“:
  • "Blue Eyes Crying in The Rain" (partial):


2013-04-08: d.a.i. Tübingen

  • "Wichita":
  • "Will The Circle Be Unbroken", mit/with Monroe Crossing:

 2012-04-19: Pickin' Parlor, Bristol TN/VA


  • "Gold Watch and Chain":
  • "Time's A Wastin'":
  • "Heart of a Little Mountain Girl":

2012-04-15: Smyth County Jam, Chilhowie VA

  • "My Walking Shoes":
  • "Whose Shoulder Will You Cry On":

2012-01-05: Bluegrass im Klosterhof

  • "I Want To Sing That Rock'n'Roll":
  • "Jackson":
  • "Some Broken Hearts Never Mend":
  • "Memories Are Made Of This":
  • Trio: "Whose Shoulder Will You Cry On":
  • Trio: "Before I Met You":

2011-09-10: Lorettofest

  • "Gold Watch And Chain":
  • "Colleen Malone":
  • "Will The Roses Bloom":
  • "Gold Rush":
  • "Give My Love To Rose":
  • "Home, Sweet Home":
  • "Unwed Fathers":
  • "Pamela Brown":
  • "Turn Your Radio On":

2011-05-13: Wir spielen im d.a.i. Tübingen als Vorband von / we open for Valerie Smith & Liberty Pike

  • "Gold Watch And Chain":
  • "Long Black Limousine":
  • "Oh, Lonesome Me":
  • "If I Needed You":
  • "Heartaches By The Number":
  • "Everybody's Somebody's Fool":
  • "Pass Me By":
  • "Wagon Wheel":

2011-03-16: "Long Black Limousine", gespielt im / performed at Vorstadttheater Tübingen

2010-11-18: "If I Needed You", gespielt im Kino METROPOL in Kusterdingen vor dem Film »Crazy Heart«

2010-11-18: "If I Needed You", performed at the METROPOL barn cinema in Kusterdingen, prior to the screening of »Crazy Heart«

2010-02-17: Zwei Stücke als musikalische Umrahmung einer Talkshow zum Thema "Yes We Can? Wird Obamas Traum wahr?" im Reutlinger/Tübinger Regionalfernsehen

2010-02-17: Two songs to bracket a talk show ("Yes We Can? Will Obama's Dream Come True?") on regional TV

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